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COVID-19 Update for Campers

Westward Ho Campground is open for camping.

All Alberta Health and Safety regulations are to be followed, for the publice health measures in effect, please visit the Alberta page here.

Update December 13, 2020

The campground will be closed to all public, only annual members in good standing are welcome at this time. Please ensure you follow all Alberta Health Services guidelines and be respectful of other members. Masks are required when accessing the south wash house and the office. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact the office prior to arriving at the campground.

Update June 15, 2020

The campground facilities have been fully re-opened, excluding weekend ball tournaments, while still maintaining social distancing and respecting the Alberta Health Services guidelines. Please note that we will continue to monitor AHS requirements and make adaptations as necessary. Thank you for your patience.

Update May 30, 2020

The campground will open to monthly campers on June 1 and weekend campers and visitors on June 15, 2020. Group camping will remain closed at this time. Shower houses will also be opened June 1. Beaches, off-leash dog areas, horseshoe pits and outdoor group spaces will be open, but please maintain social distancing.

Update May 22, 2020

The campground will stay open to annual members in good standing who have submitted their waiver. We are also implementing new cleaning protocols as we open the outhouses within the campground. Please follow the Alberta Health Services guidelines in using hand sanitizer and hand washing. We will continue to work towards opening more of the campground facilities and camping options as safely as we possibly can.

Please remember that you are responsible for maintaining social distancing and sterilizing as we continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19

Update May 12, 2020

The campground will open on May 14, 2020 to annual members in good standing who have submitted their waiver. If you have NOT submitted your waiver to the office, please do so immediately as this must be completed prior to arriving on site. The waiver can be found here and please send the signed copy by email to

Update May 9, 2020

The following details are for Members in good standing - this includes those that are fully paid for 2020, or have made arrangments with the management team. If you have not paid your 2020 fees and/or have not made arrangements with the office to make payments, please contact the office to rectify the situation at 403-556-2568.

The following email was distributed to members on May 9, 2020 from the WHCA Board of Directors. At the end of the email letter, you will find further steps to complete prior to preparing to camp at Westward Ho Campground. 

Dear WHCA Member,

We would thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times as we work through logistics in moving towards re-opening of Westward Ho Campground/Park. The Board has been working very hard over the past few weeks to achieve a plan that is acceptable to all parties involved, which includes the local community, Mountain View County, AHS, our staff and you, our valued members. We are pleased to announce that the Park will be opening soon, contingent upon being able to get water running through most of the campground; this is a key requirement so as to facilitate the needs of individuals and suit the requirements for being open under the current COVID-19 conditions, and is related to why the Park needed to initially be closed.

In preparation for re-opening, and as a requirement for use of the Park under current conditions, we are sending you the guidelines and waiver that needs to be signed and returned to the office PRIOR to being permitted entry to the campground once we do open; you are encouraged to review ALL details and attachments, along with signing of the guidelines and waiver, and returning of such via e-mail to the sender of this e-mail (the office). This is recommended to be done as soon as possible if you are considering utilizing the park once it opens. This will help streamline the processes for allowing access to the park at opening, minimizing or eliminating delays. You will need to be a member in good standing with the association in order to qualify. Note that if you are NOT a member in good standing (i.e. you have NOT paid your 2020 fees AND /OR have NOT made arrangements with the office to make payment), you will need to contact the office to make arrangements accordingly to rectify. Currently, all access cards have been deactivated, and reactivation of individual cards will occur when all requirements are met.

Once we can firm up a date for opening, we will contact you via e-mail to let you know what the date is; if by that date you are in good standing and have submitted your signed copy of COVID-19 Re-opening Guidelines and Waiver - May, 2020, you will be permitted to use the park with the indicated restrictions. Note that a soft opening may also be entertained (i.e. park may be opened to allow trailer preparations prior to actual opening, and overnighting will not be permitted until actual opening), which we will make clear with subsequent communications. Opening is dependent upon frost leaving the ground, as it directly affects our water supply in the campground; this is currently two to three weeks behind. We will notify of opening via e-mail, and with posts on our website and Facebook.

To summarize:

  • Park opening date (or soft opening followed by actual opening date): PENDING (hopefully soon, contingent upon water availability).


Instructions for the signing of GUIDELINES/WAIVER; either: 

  1. Digitally sign the waiver by typing your name into the signature field and complete the other fields, save and return back via e-mail to, or 

  2. Print off the waiver, manually sign, scan or take a picture of the signed document, and send as an attachment back via email to

Again, we encourage you to do the above PRIOR to the opening date announcement so that all steps behind the scenes can be completed prior to opening and/or your arrival to site. Note that if the opening date occurs, and you have not completed the above, and subsequently arrive at site, you may be turned away until such steps are taken. This is to minimize staff contact at site. 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Let's all look forward to utilizing the park under safe and enjoyable conditions. Don't forget to social-distance and sanitize regularly. Remember that use of the Park is in accordance with AHS guidelines at all times, and thus is subject to change with the AHS guideline amendments as they occur. 


WHCA Board of Directors 

Prior to heading to the campground, your signed waiver must be submitted by email to

Westward Ho Waiver.png
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