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Did you know that Westward Ho Campers Association awards a scholarship at the end of June each year in the amount of $5000.00?

Refer to the following procedures and if you think you qualify, please download application from the URL below

Applications are NOT available for pick up or drop off at the office.

Submission Deadline: June 30, 2024


  • Westward Ho Campers Association has approved a yearly scholarship in the amount of $5000.00

  • The total monies available in any given year may be divided (equally or unequally) amongst applicants.

  • Submitting an application does not imply approval.

  • Applicants must complete an application form and provide details as to which post-secondary institution they have been accepted to and the costs involved prior to submission deadline. This can include studies at a recognized University, College or Technical Institution.

    •  Acceptance letter(s) from the school the applicant is attending must accompany the application form.

  • Selected applicants will be interviewed by phone by a member of the Board of Directors of the Westward Ho Campers Association.

  • Once applicants have been interviewed, names will be taken to the Board for consideration, usually at their meeting at the end of July. Applicants will be advised of their decision soon after that date.​

  • All applications received will be responded to in a timely manner.

  • Interested parties can find the application form HERE or  by emailing or


  • Applicants must be current members in good standing of the Westward Ho Campers Association, or an immediate family member

  • Applications are also open to current Staff Members of the Westward Ho Campers Association

  • Courses must begin after the submission deadline.

Selection Criteria:

Depending on the number of applicants in any given year, the Board may refer to the following selection criteria:

  • Grades - in high school or prior two years of post-secondary education  

  • Work experience (in the past year, two years or more)

  • Volunteer activities

  • Other awards received for the present year

  • Financial need; student loan, need for accommodation, cost of course etc.

  • Receiving WHCA scholarships in the past will not prevent additional scholarship, but will be considered as part of the selection criteria

Download the application from the button below. Scan your acceptance letter and send it with the application by email to either or

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